Joanna Fils-Aime, LICSW

Joanna Fils-Aime strongly believes in being the change you wish to see in the world and has established a career in social work to do just that. For years, Joanna has served in several dynamic roles in child welfare and is currently the KinNetwork Supervisor at the National Center for Children & Families; leading and supporting her team in efforts to keep children in foster care connected with their biological families and kin. Joanna is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker that is passionate about erasing the stigma around mental health in order to improve the wellbeing of her community. Her passion naturally bleeds into her extracurricular activities which include a creative side that enjoys writing and performing spoken word pieces and a wannabe athlete side nicknamed BeastMode on the field in her co-ed flag football league.

From bookworm, to artist, to athlete, there’s no box Joanna can’t check as she continues to Raise Her Worth.

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