Trish Hill

Trish Hill, a Dallas-based Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur. Trish has been a licensed
Cosmetologist for 15 years throughout the Dallas area. She is the proud Owner of
Salon N’Vious of 10 Years located in Mesquite, Texas. In December 2011, Trish
created “A Night for the Stars” Beauty Industry Awards and Gala that is held
annually. In January 2016, she became the Author of Book titled Getting Started
101“What’s My Next Step”?

Trish travels to different cities motivating and helping
Students as well as Professionals in the Beauty & Fashion Industry find out their
Next Step!
In April 2017, The Trish Hill Foundation a non profit organization that was created to
help make Cancer Survivors feel Beautiful. December 2017, The Trish Hill Show was
created to Shine Light on the Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment Industry from City
to City. This show is featured on YouTube. One of Trish Highlights in 2018, was
bringing OWN Network Reality Show “Welcome to Sweetie Pies” first food truck to
Dallas/ Ft Worth Metroplex. Trish has been featured on local News, Radio Stations
and inside Magazines. She enjoys the joys of Motherhood, Cooking, Traveling with
Family and Filming.

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