Home for the Holidays

Happy New Year Everyone!

2017 came and went just like that! I made it through my first holiday season spending both, Christmas and New Years, away from my family. Initially I figured, uhhh this sucks…then after a ten minute dramatic moment I got over it!

I was not able to go to Dallas for the holidays due to my interesting work schedule, and my slight inability to deal with crowded airports, packed car lots, and the other headaches of holiday travel. Sometimes as a traveler you’re just not up to the draining part of traveling. Especially when you will only have two full days with family before having to endure the airport headache life again. It hurts you more than help if you’re a sensitive person like me. I like to think I saved myself from a weird emotional toll and a lot of money. Continue reading “Home for the Holidays”

Unknowingly Our Mentality Stinks

Unknowingly so many of us live each day as if tomorrow and the rest of the days are promised. We have came to mentally think we deserve tomorrow and base or decisons, intentions, love and motives on something that’s non existent and not promised. This mentality reduces the beauty of life. And as a society this sucks for us. We continue to live life in … Continue reading Unknowingly Our Mentality Stinks

Commit to Being Committed

A lot of times, maybe more than we want, we often struggle with being committed. To me, commitment simply means sticking to whatever you are doing and following through until you see the outcome you wanted in the beginning or never quitting whatever it may be and proving you are a committed person. I have ALWAYS struggled with being committed to things and honestly always opted … Continue reading Commit to Being Committed