A Girl Who PLANS

(Push Limits And Never Settle)

After school, enrichment program outlined to support girls ages 12-16 through personal and professional development. Focusing on social emotional learning our Girl Who Plans programs exposes PLANNERS to career and college opportunities through weekly workshops focusing on soft skills, customer service, professionalism, arts & designs, education, financing, and much more! A Girl With Plans offers end of year programming college tours and corporate visits, allowing the youth to compare and contrast all possible plans and lifestyle for their futures!

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Spring Enrollment opens February 1, 2021 – February 28, 2021

Spring Dates: March 1st – June 30th 


Life After High School (LAHS)

An outreach dedicated to elevating high school juniors, seniors, and recent high school graduates (ages 16-21). LAHS prepares participants for the life after high school graduation. Young women of color are expected to make big decisions that play an important role on their future upon graduation with little to no guidance and exposure. LAHS allows us to support young girls of color during a huge life transition that is often overlooked. Raise Your Worth: Life After High School offers a presentation given by a young adult that students can relate to and speak to about their questions or concerns. LAHS has a dual approach offering presentation to high schools and community centers and programming for individual and families who are willing to commit. Life After High School is a community.


1st Life After High School Dinner & Awards Ceremony

Women of Wealth

T Shell, MSW

Raise Your Worth collaborates our book club community with our youth development program. Established professionals and entrepreneurs across the southern and eastern states. Women of Wealth commit to monthly meet ups and lifelong relationships with one or two young ladies from our Girls With Plans program!