Niki Spears

As a former educator, principal, and change leader, Niki shares
her passion and enthusiasm for creating positive culture in schools.
Niki believes that true success is not measured by what we score on a test,
or what we accomplish, but is when our passion and purpose collide and
gives meaning to life. Niki left her job as a school principal in July 2016 and
co-founded The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey along with
best-selling author, Jon Gordon. Niki reached out to Mr. Gordon and shared
her vision for using the success principles from his book, The Energy Bus,to create curriculum for schools/districts to sustain positive culture. Niki stepped out on faith and the Energy Bus for Schools was born!

Now in more than 20 states across
the U.S., Niki is traveling the country
sharing the importance of embracing
a leadership mindset, taking 100%
responsibility for their thoughts,
actions and results. Niki believes that
leadership extends beyond a title or
a position and is a belief that every
person in the school can be a leader.
Niki resides in Houston, Texas along
with her husband Kermit, and three
beautiful girls, Brandi, Bianca, and
Get ready for the ride of your lives as

Niki boards us on her Energy Bus! Twitter
Facebook: The Energy Bus for
Schools Leadership Journey

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