Monea Beene, M.Ed

Monea Beene currently serves is a Professional Development Facilitator for Spring ISD and is an Educational Consultant, part time. Monea is an innovative, forward thinker with a relentless drive to achieve the vision of the organization. In her educational tasks, Monea brings experience working with minority scholars (ELs in particular) from Texas public schools. Prior to serving in her current role, Monea served as a classroom teacher of ELs, worked to charter focus groups and supports systems to meet the needs of teachers of ELs and, assisted in curriculum writing for Reading, Writing and Middle School Intervention courses, all to support increased student achievement.

Monea approaches problems and challenges with a creative, optimistic, yet dissecting lens. Transformational. Her inspiration and drive comes from the growth and development of other local educational leaders and the students who are directly impacted. Monea believes in leading and learning in a unified manner with integrity and dedication. Monea’s educational background consists of two graduate degrees both from Sam Houston State University in Instructional Supervision and in Educational Administration and Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. As a professional committed to lifelong learning, she is working on achieving her Doctorate degree and Prairie View A&M University and reads immensely to continuously grow in her craft.

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