Luxury Los Cabos Stay

Hey beauts, Hey Gents, take a look at our summer stay at Zoëtry® Casa del Mar Los Cabos. It was definitely one the most beautiful stays I had the opportunity to unwind, and rest to date.

I loved the staffs attentiveness, the views of the beach, their wellness styled menus, and the option to engage in activities such as yoga or tennis for movement. We had a nice run around the resort and the apartments– if was very safe, and scenic. I recommend this stay to those who are wanting to escape with no true agenda but unwinding and great service.

If you’re considering Cabo in the near future, or a country with Zoetry hotels, definitely give them a look. We booked with Travel Goals ! I am learning having a trusted agent can save you time, money, and sanity.

I would not recommend this stay to true food lovers. I believe a lot of people like to vacate and have options on options when dining and I get it. The menu here is limited due to their focus on health and wellness. If you are a seafood lover and don’t mind quality over quantity you may be satisfied here (I was in seafood heaven). I also would not recommend this site if you are wanting to be near the partying and action in Cabo. We had to Uber to all of our locations with each ride being at least 10 minutes.

Check out more footage of the stay here: Pinterest 🙂

Comment below if you would like a recap of the activities and trip.

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