3 Lessons From This Year

Happy belated birthday to me! I never write bday blogs but as I say goodbye to 27, yes bye, no see you later. I would be upset if I didnt share my past year reflections as well as the much excitement I have for this upcoming year!

I wanted to share a few things from year 27 that stretched me as a person and has helped me grow as a woman. The power of friendhsips revealed a lot to me, the importance of healing rung a bell, and the empowerment in taking risks and betting on myself was felt.


Real friendships exist and dont require a lot of work or pain. They do need effort, honesty, and everyone remembering you all have your own lives. “Real friends” has forever been thrown around but every ones character and heart ain’t where it should be. It’s your choice to maintain stagnant relationships or encourage real support and love from authentic relationships! It’s like choosing distraction or purpose.

And it’s easier said than done but some good byes or see you laters are needed regardless how difficult they are. They may be needed for God to give you what you need for personal reasons or because you deserve better. And it may not be that deep- you may just outgrow one another. I hate wasting time so this particular lesson may not be a big deal for some compared to me.


The best and simplest way I can share on this topic is the following: Face it and Embrace it. In this adult world we all are healing from something. It is your choice to call the thing a thing, feel through that thing, and do what it takes to deal with that thing. Please everyone, allow yourself the space and grace to heal. Give yourself the room to feel and deal in a judgement free environment.

That “thing” can be – forgiving yourself, loss of someone or something, being hurt by someone, physical pain from an incident, mental diagnois or disruption, dealing with a tough decision, the list goes on.

What I learned this year…Healing is painful but promising. You block your ability to heal from things when you avoid calling the pain out and facing it. The quicker you do this you are allowed to embrace it fully and identify what you need. Tip: Face your process as if no one is watching and society judgement didn’t exist. If you need to cry, cry. If you want to scream, scream. If you want to stay in bed or on the couch or floor for a few days do it. Stay hydrated and fed but these things are normal. And often much needed self thoughts time.

Also remember, you may not be able to go through this process alone. There are certified individuals who are willing and ready to support you through this. If you do choose to include friends or loved ones in on your process always be mindful we all are dealing with our own battles. Meaning be kind and considerate by always asking if the ear you share out to is available to hear a piece of your mind. This may seem awkward initially but do it. Make sure people are in good spaces. 🤍

Face it & Embrace it.


Betting on Yourself.

Ahhh. I feel like I am hearing this more now but last year in November, I promised myself a simple message. Bet on yourself T. Now, let me be clear, at this moment I did not have clarity on what would happen but I decided to push any and every idea I had in the past and if it flourished it flourished. If it flopped it flopped. Keeping it 100 nothing nececassirly flourished fully but there were hella’ gains! And for that I am proud and I am continuing to go.

Releasing RYW Apparel x Booking & Photographing a Wedding x Beginning a Beauty Partnership x Creating, Organizing, & Hosting a Career Panel for recent graduates ….

…we’re all my top proudest moment. All these moments took a lot out of me but I followed through and saw pieces of the bigger picture. God will use you, but will you move? (Question or similar to the question I ask myself often)

As I wrap this b-day tribute up I want to say I thank the Lord above! Haha, seriously I do, but also thank you to every love one, friend, coworker, supporter, customer, and business partner that has contributed to my life thus far. Your role in my life has been critical, it is noticed, and appreciated dearly.

27 is a beautiful, blooming year! Be patient, kind, and attentive with yourself. After all, you deserve all those things anyway.

What was your past year lessons? Comment below! 💫 Happy Sunday beautiful people.

3 thoughts on “3 Lessons From This Year

  1. Loved reading this sis! Definitely relatable and excited to see you continue to blossom in this year of 28! I’ve learned the same with friendships and betting on myself as well and just realizing our purpose and what God has for us is BIGGER than us. So when He says move or let go; I’m doing just that! Love you 😘-Prodigy

    1. “What God has for us is BIGGER than us” that’s the message there! Happy 28th to you again sis! Thank you for reading and love you to the moon and back
      -Cherish 🤍

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