Self Promises = Self Love

October 2017

Hey guys,

Happy Sunday! I didn’t know then how much I would always need this particular caption and energy affirmed in my life!

SN: I’m realizing this crop is my crop! Lol what is my wardrobe without it!

Back to the topic! I was going to post this picture today on Instagram as I’m looking through old favorites on my phone and noticed I had already posted it. This particular caption is why I chose to share out today! It is a self affirmation example on self love that can be stated daily or seen two years later and serve as a powerful reflection.

For me, today I took from this

“look at you, you’re still here, you’re still smiling (although some days more than others), you’ve survived things you would have never imagined, you’ve learned more about yourself, you continue to learn about life, you learned new strengths, and new likes/dislikes, you’ve let go of things that no longer served you or pained you, and my favorite “girl you are betting on yourself”!”

This picture has served as an affirmation, but most importantly a reminder to be more intuitive about self love affirmations.

  • Writing and speaking them more.
  • Holding more conversations with myself to just be at one with my thoughts
  • Taking a moment to praise myself.
  • Not to move so fast that I overlook giving and praising to the most important person in my life.

Hey beautiful, love every part of you. If you’re not consistent with anything else in life be consistent with loving you! Loving you for who you are and loving yourself enough to get you where you want to be!

Love you enough to eliminate every excuse that prevents you from seeing the most beautiful truths about yourself! Self love may be hard for many not because of what people have told you or the lies society has told, but because it’s hard for you to believe you really are great. It’s hard for you to look at yourself and allow the greatness in you to be seen. You may not know what to do with that. Because you know once you notice that you should do something with this greatness right?

Yes, you should! But it’s okay not to know what is next. It is okay to know things don’t always happen over night, but every night you better remember everything about you is right! Everything about you is how it should be at the moment! Always love yours!

Our deepest fears may posses the key to are most brightest lights 💛

Happy Sunday Beauts, I have a few Pinteest boards that I feel with affirmations for different parts of my life. I will come out of my big shell and share with you all one of my favorite boards “JOY”. Take a look, pin some, or download to your phone. Let me know your thoughts, and what ways you have found effective for affirming yourself. Or if you feel you can do this more what steps are you going to take? I will be your accountability partner with this… for like a month!


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