SuchaBeaut: 30 Edition

I must admit I have an obsession with a woman turning 30! I don’t know why, but I’ve convinced myself it’s one of the beautiful ages for a woman to turn. It makes me think… “the best is yet to come” or “you ain’t seen me shine yet.” I have this thought that at thirty [we] are allowed to press restart but NOW with all the tools and ammunition we’ve collected, revitalized, and equipped ourselves with in the twenties that we found through many lessons works just for us. Thirty [30] is beautiful to me, and if it is as beautiful as this beaut, my obsession continues ! Thank you to this exceptional woman of color who allowed me to be apart of capturing you as you entered another year of life! You are incredible and I pray you continue to be the community game changer you are and the rock of your beautiful family!


Happy 30th… you’re #suchabeaut

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