Sweet Seattle & Savory Me

October came and went soooo fast I am still in complete shock. At the beginning of the month I was able to take myself across the states to Seattle, Washington. I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle just to visit and Grey’s Anatomy may have influenced this. I will also admit I was influenced a lot by being able to close out On The Run Tour II with Bey and Jay Z. Judge free zone, this was just a cool thing and seemed like an ideal getaway to me. I had not had a chance to take a vacation this summer due to acting too committed to work so I decided to just go. I looked at the last few tour dates after selling my ticket to the Dallas concert, purposefully stating I wont go if the last few were in states I’ve gone. And BAM, last tour spot was a place that was actually on my travel list, Seattle.  So this is how I booked this trip with maybe a week or two to spare.

  1. Purchased the ticket to the concert. (Under $200 floor seat- CRAZY i had to book)
  2. Purchased my flight for $5 with my favorite, Southwest Airlines :). 
  3. 4 days before, Booked my Airbnb
  4. Made my list of must do’s and see’s that I would enjoy not what was necessarily popular.

I wouldn’t suggest this order for most but it worked for me. I feel I lost some coins on the Airbnb for waiting so long, worrying about work and other things knowing it was so last minute but I finally told myself “This job will replace you in 24 hrs if they needed to, enjoy doing what you want, it’s OK! + my Airbnb was sooo cute!

  • I ran into a group of awesome, crazy talented young women who I attended the concert with. (This is where Jay Z casually called me out while on stage, once in a life time thing, I knnnoooowww) – I have video receipts

  • Visited museums and spent as much time as I wanted there
  • Experienced the true Seattle rain, on my last day there, so wasn’t so bad and I feel I was one of few with an umbrella. This was such a norm to them!
  • Got to see KD and the Warriors play in the KeyArena before they tore it down. I may have paid incredibly too much for this experience but for me personally it was an experience of the lifetime, do what your heart desires!
  • Explored Pike Place by my lonesome running into other travelers or local. Here I met a cool photographer whose work had me in a complete dreamy world!
  • Participated in the disgusting cool thing of placing your chewed gum on the wall.
  • And ate my first Piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky (may have been my favorite moment these things were sooooo bomb)!



2 thoughts on “Sweet Seattle & Savory Me

  1. “We’re mid October now, keep up” lol. Girl, October went by so fast I’m shook!! I think Atlanta should be experienced in the spring or summer if you’re not a fan…personal opinion. Regardless, I hope you have fun!

    -xoxo Tanish

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