Sweet Seattle & Savory Me

October came and went soooo fast I am still in complete shock. At the beginning of the month I was able to take myself across the states to Seattle, Washington. I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle just to visit and Grey’s Anatomy may have influenced this. I will also admit I was influenced a lot by being able to close out On The Run Tour II with Bey and Jay Z. Judge free zone, this was just a cool thing and seemed like an ideal getaway to me. I had not had a chance to take a vacation this summer due to acting too committed to work so I decided to just go. I looked at the last few tour dates after selling my ticket to the Dallas concert, purposefully stating I wont go if the last few were in states I’ve gone. And BAM, last tour spot was a place that was actually on my travel list, Seattle.  So this is how I booked this trip with maybe a week or two to spare.

  1. Purchased the ticket to the concert. (Under $200 floor seat- CRAZY i had to book)
  2. Purchased my flight for $5 with my favorite, Southwest Airlines :). 
  3. 4 days before, Booked my Airbnb
  4. Made my list of must do’s and see’s that I would enjoy not what was necessarily popular.

I wouldn’t suggest this order for most but it worked for me. I feel I lost some coins on the Airbnb for waiting so long, worrying about work and other things knowing it was so last minute but I finally told myself “This job will replace you in 24 hrs if they needed to, enjoy doing what you want, it’s OK! + my Airbnb was sooo cute!

  • I ran into a group of awesome, crazy talented young women who I attended the concert with. (This is where Jay Z casually called me out while on stage, once in a life time thing, I knnnoooowww) – I have video receipts
  • Visited museums and spent as much time as I wanted there
  • Experienced the true Seattle rain, on my last day there, so wasn’t so bad and I feel I was one of few with an umbrella. This was such a norm to them!
  • Got to see KD and the Warriors play in the KeyArena before they tore it down. I may have paid incredibly too much for this experience but for me personally it was an experience of the lifetime, do what your heart desires!
  • Explored Pike Place by my lonesome running into other travelers or local. Here I met a cool photographer whose work had me in a complete dreamy world!
  • Participated in the disgusting cool thing of placing your chewed gum on the wall.
  • And ate my first Piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky (may have been my favorite moment these things were sooooo bomb)!

This was  a great trip. Once I returned I didn’t have time to sit. Two friends had came into town for traveling with work so we had to give the weekend a good time. The following weekend (we’re mid October now keep up) I had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the Cowboys and Redskins to be honored as a recipient of a wonderful grant titled Loads of Love which allows schools and nonprofits to implement laundry facilities into their sites to help with school attendance and increase students participation in sports.


To wrap up the month I participated in Howard Homecoming Festivities and to be honest I took part in events all week and somehow found time to run my first 5K!


Although the month went incredibly fast and I felt I had no time to think it was a great month filled with lessons and messages. From friends sharing exciting news like becoming licensed professionals after so much hardship… or friends learning that they are expecting… or hearing friends who are deciding to leave the city for family and love … my heart was so full all month. I even pushed myself to enter the dating life, any one who knows me knows this is kind of new. I love meeting people but have to get myself comfortable with meeting people to get to know them. We shall see how this goes! I may keep you all updated! 

In closing, Seattle was such a sweet place and I am excited to visit again and catch a hike or two! Currently trying to figure out New Years. I usually play it safe, at home or church. I’m think New Orleans or Atlanta this year. I’m not a fan of Atlanta, AT ALL. Maybe New Years can change my mind… MAYBE. 

2 thoughts on “Sweet Seattle & Savory Me

  1. “We’re mid October now, keep up” lol. Girl, October went by so fast I’m shook!! I think Atlanta should be experienced in the spring or summer if you’re not a fan…personal opinion. Regardless, I hope you have fun!

    -xoxo Tanish

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