3 Things I’m Learning from Gratitude

Humble Moments I’m Forever Grateful For.


The day this picture was taken I was reminded and truly felt my support system has no boundaries! Six months before this picture all of our worlds were shaken when God decided he needed our biggest supporter to come home early. Graduation was removed from my goals, I missed a month of school, walked away from my first “good salary” career position, and knew whatever life I thought I was beginning to create in DC was done. I was beginning to feel the “well I tried” mood. That mood where it’s always something else left, deep down another push or two, but we know our circumstances are so unrealistic that people will understand if we quit- yeah that type of “I tried.”

Physically we were missing a few others in the picture, well many more but I felt like everyone was there because of the many who showed up and showed out. Aunts, uncles, and cousins who found a way financially and physically to bring their family 1200 + miles for little oh T!

I didn’t earn my masters we did! I pray a day never goes by where any of you have to question my love and support for you all individually. Especially the little ones who I have to see grow from so far! Some days this fact makes being miles away incredibly tough! For months I had a huge habit of searching for positions in the DFW area at least once a week and even took a few interviews that led to me canceling just because deep down I knew and know it’s nots God will for me now. His will for us will not always be the best feeling or situation for our feelings but I’m reminded feelings over faith!

Daily gratitude. The stories we are living are already written and livable with prayer and faith. Storms aren’t meant to defeat us and never fail to see the rays of light through your storm.

To my family: I don’t tell or show you all enough how much I am honored to have been a piece of our beautiful, forever growing puzzle ! Let’s continue to support one another in every small or big victory and every difficulty!

Gratitude is humbling. Each time I reflect on the things I am most grateful for, even just breathing. I am reminded how undeserving I am. It’s humbling because although we lose people in our lives we can never neglect the people God still allows us to have present and loving us.

Gratitude is peaceful. There is no fight or war within myself when I allow my heart to be filled with the things I am most thankful for

Gratitude is thankfulness. By acknowledging and showing that we are thankful we are becoming closer to being the person God desires us to be displaying the character he continues to pour out to us.

I share this to tell someone your circumstances of today will not control or hinder your future wins! Pray and use your support system or pray and remember the love that others but most importantly God has for you!

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