Quick Guide: New York in 48 Hours

It’s Friday night, a few rain drops have softly fell, and I am hopping off the bus in New York, New York. Where I am greeted by undergraduate friend, Tanisha, who is currently living and working in NYC on her current traveling nursing assignment. My line sister Kayla is also in the city this weekend and played a huge role in my decision of giving New York another 48 hours of my life! I’ve gone to New York three times before this trip and my time there never fails. Each trip has ranged 24-48 hours exactly! It’s crazy! Fast city and fast time.
This trip gave me exactly what I desired. I was able to see why people like Tanisha, Kayla, and my cool about that life friend through a friend, Lauren, are so in love with the city! I was able to see all of them in their element in New York as if they were home! I enjoyed being able to visit a group of women who I met in undergrad years ago (acts old) and have the chance to embrace one another across the states. I had a few reflective moments just thanking God for not only where he has me but how he has taken each of us on our own beautifully written paths. More importantly I am in love with how we all are willing and able to go when opportunity allows us.
I’ve visited Manhattan and Brooklyn on previous trips but I can honestly say all the places, with one exception, were all new places and new vibes for me on this trip. And to top the cake with the best authentic icing, I was able to experience Harlem as a true Harlem native. Watching the guys gamble on the steps, late night neighborhood congregating, arguing over old times, and hearing the few that have moved away defend their love and commitment to Harlem regardless where God allows them to move onward and upward to! It was black and beautiful. You even noticed the neighborhood patrol cops who have gained familiarity with the residents and allow them to hang out longer than the city may have wished.
Quick side note: I was suppose to leave New York Sunday night at 9 PM . I was in Harlem at 10 PM, Sunday night. I left New York the following Monday afternoon at 2 PM… Buying a last minute bus ticket while sipping a frozen margarita, gazing at one of the best views of the Jungle City two hours before my bus was leaving… was worth it!
S/O to Kayla for not pressuring me but simply encouraging me! We left Manhattan and headed to Harlem for a cookout! The cookout had ended by the time we made it but we were able to hang out on the block and just vibe with the locals and see their neighborhood, their convos, their lingo… I was grateful! Anyone who has traveled with me know how grateful I am to explore every opportunity to engage in the lives of locals anywhere I go (in the states or out of the country).


Here’s a list of the spots we were able to hit up over the weekend. I would recommend anyone to try a few on your next trip to NY.

Friday Night

Dudley’s cool bartender – Manhattan- chill, cooling vibe. Ran into a fellow Texas, same hood and all! The world is SMALL.
The DL night club- nice club with different types of music and three floors, easy good time



Fika Enjoyed a nice cup of joe, in research I learned Fika means coffee and cake break in Sweden. Cute! I know!
Woodland Restaurant (second time here, we literally pre-gamed here for a quick second before eating…and enjoyed every second! Brunch here if you have not!
Sweet Chick – for brunch, it was yummy, they have a few locations, pick your poison.
Father Knows Best – Brooklyn. I enjoyed this place. It was are mid day chill, catch a cute drink spot. One of my #takenbytea shots is featured on their instagrams! Go check them out.
Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill (DUMBO) Yummy sushi, creative tasty drinks! Beautiful scenery. Go!
Harlem Hookah– (Harlem) I would suggest this to anyone who likes hookah, a chill yet chic/elegant vibe. I am not a hookah person but I enjoyed their sticky wings. BOMB!



Central Park Finally, on my fourth trip to NY, I was able to go to Central Park and actually exercise. We biked the the entire park (i think). And it was a W O R K O U T.
The Grey Dog We brunched here Sunday morning, good food, calm vibe. Families, friends, business meeting.
Mr. Purple – Rooftop | If you would like to see a breathtaking view of NYC this is a great place to get just that.
Lil Ochie We went here as they were closing, it was okay but it may have been the fact that we got the last end of everything. I mean the last end, I called them as we were walking blocks and asked them to stay open because I was craving authentic Jamaican food! (I am extra, I know)/ but kudos to the owner and their customer service!


48 hours well spent! I hope you have time to visit one or two spots on the list! Let me know if you are visiting New York soon and what you look forward to trying. Or if you’ve been, what is your favorite about the city?

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