6 Tips: Learning & Loving [You]

I will start off being honest with the fact on how this blog came about. During my morning ritual of rising, heading straight to my curtains and blinds, allowing the little sunshine to shine; I smiled! A random habit that has begun to bring me much joy, on a daily basis! This morning, this particular routine, made me think this thought, “continue to learn yourself, and forever love yourself Tiara.”

A lot of times people just place emphasis on learning to love yourself and leave out the crucial need of learning to know yourself- learning you! What you like, what you don’t like what you enjoy what you’re not so fond of, what triggers you, what calms you, what energizes you (being away from people for me), pretty much what makes you, you! We often cant answer this. I’ve noticed, many hate to be alone. Not as single, I mean some people HATE to be a lone, isolated, to themselves. And i believe a lot of learning comes from isolation. Some of us have to have someone around us or have to be around a group of people 90% of the time.  It is an unbeknownst tactic that people use to avoid being in their own thoughts, and faced with addressing their own reality. People fear their own reality!! And it’s almost a norm so If it’s you, don’t be discouraged, be aware. Be aware of yourself doing this and begin to make time for you. Make time for you and God.

People fear their own reality!

Begin to find ways to create alone time for yourself. As you strengthen your mind with being free to just think… wonderful things are shown to you ! Initially it may be rough and you may find yourself picking up on negative things or reflecting on traumatic moments in the past… it’s ok! It was your life, it may be an incident that occurred, it may be a rough journey that lasted tooo long, it may be a situation that you surely did not ask for or to be placed in, but regardless, it does not DEFINE you!

Part of learning yourself is taking the lesson from a not so great part of life! Find the strengths in the situations that the world would look down on you because of the circumstances, and acknowledge you are still here, obviously for a reason, but most importantly God loves you enough to see you fulfill what he has called you to do! And yes he loves you, and yes you have a purpose, its the choices you make that either begin to lead you closer or further!

I notice more and more young adults thinking they’re just not good enough or lucky enough to have beautiful, happy, things transpire. I don’t know why it’s such a common thought now but familiarizing ourselves with stories of the the Bible would be the best start to changing this mentality. I say this because when I compare what I’ve heard from others who feel they just aren’t equipped to be loved or things they’ve done disqualifies them for being used, to the few stories I’ve heard of certain individuals in the Bible. I initially think OH you have no idea! The things we assume disqualifies us or the things we allow the devil to continue to weigh down on our hears has NO comparison to some of the stories in the bibles!

I will try to share relatable biblical text or ask you all to provide some but lets just take Paul for now! Paul, who was Saul before, hate Christians, hated them so much he killed them. But yet, God still found him to be a “chosen instrument”. Heres a link to a in depth of Pauls journey: https://www.gotquestions.org/life-Paul.html In summary please get rid of the thought that you can not be used by God based on what you’ve done or been through.

Above was a snapshot of learning yourself! I believe the love part takes place when you decide to be content and confident in the things you discover. The good, the trauma, the ups, the difficult journeys, and even the things that others may find to be insignificant. I began this write off thinking about the small things I hate or love but smiling as I woke up because at least I know them and know regardless how small they are to others like they really matter to me and they bring joy to me!

So make a list, try to come up with things you absolutely love and hate that are random but make you uniquely you! It can be a easy, yet impactful, start to learning more about why you like or dislike things.

Snapshot of my 7 am list of things i can think of just for example:

I prefer a double sided sink . Living with a small modern one now and I ABSOLUTELY HATE it. They’re really trying to push ppl to dishwashers. GIVE ME MY SINK SPACE, although dishwasher is clutch.

I Love light in the morning with views (ANY view that’s open like a street, trees, nosey neighbors house, field …BUT NOT the next apartment building ugh) The light is like a sign of new beginnings , a fresh start, to me! I appreciate it, and I’m grateful for it! 🙂

I have to have pitch darkness at night with no sound . Idk how this developed with a family thats totally opposite and I know I need to work on this since I desire a husband and kiddos one day. Earbuds and face mask until I learn 🙂

Im a binge watcher . I prefer to knock it all out together . It keeps me excited and I feel connected. It makes alone time more enjoyable for me.

I receive an exciting high of some sort hearing people talk about or seeing people use their gifts! It’s so motivating and inspiring.

I can stare at flowers and plants all day! It is one of the most calming getaways for me.


Okay, I know some of these are bizarre and probably make no sense to you but that’s okay! Know your list and grow it! They say learn something new everyday, apply that tactic to your life, that way you never stop reminding yourself of how cool and wonderful you are!

Until next time,

The Tiara Fits Me


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