How to queen with style

Some days its tough to believe you are valued, significant, and placed here for a specific plan that only you can accomplish! Then some days you’re confident more than ever, trying to remain humble because you can’t deal with your own dopeness! I get it sis!

I would like to introduce you to the worthy tote!


This tote is one of our unique ways of saying “sis, I get you” “i see you” and “I got you”.

The Worthy Tote is our first release of empowering apparel. I visualize a world of empowered women uplifting one another without even saying much, but by doing. I am a visual person, so it just makes sense for me to release visuals that make a statement and uplift myself and my fellow sister when possible!


This tote, my first release, gives us a cute and humble way of tooting our own horn on the good and not so good days. It allows us to choose to raise our worth day in and out while encouraging the next person to do the same!

When they ask you “Raise Your Worth what does it mean?” When they ask you “Raise Your Worth what does it mean?” Tell them “I’m making sure Im taking action and embracing opportunities that go beyond society’s definition of a Queen . I’m raising my worth with no limits on what I dream of doing or accomplishing.

I am a #womanofwealth



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