Dear 26,

7/17 | And for once I feel a year older! 26 will be the year of more action, believing, meditation, and support! I feel like year 25 I began to move up the stair case and understand the importance of physical and mental health, but most importantly cultivating and protecting the personal spiritual walk needed to persevere level after level. 25 was a beginning of a journey that God seems to want to only give me a glimpse of the bigger picture here and there but enough hope to to keep pushing the agenda he needs me to.

Excited to share that I will be running my first after school program for the upcoming school year working with 9th and 10th grade girls focusing on self worth, career/college readiness, and exposure to unique fields, training’s, and skills! Also, this year Brownskin BookWorms started which gave a few women in the DMV the opportunity to challenge ourselves to read more but God willingly has turned into a supportive sisterhood all around ! In essence, both are programs under Raise Your Worth, find more information by exploring through site and clicking under “programs”. I can say I am proud of myself and excited about what God has in store and all those I will be able to meet, connect with, learn from, and empower ! Check out our first piece of empowering apparel, the worthy tote!

What was once a thought has become an existing thing and dream! I’m grateful for the birthday wishes I have received. You all really motivate me and push me to never stop believing in myself (harder than we think sometimes right ).


As to year 26 make me wiser and impactful! #happybirthday To Me ☺️💛 #womanofwealth #raiseyourworth #thetiarafitsme

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