How Pain Can Inspire Your Purpose

I remember a college professor telling me I could never teach a class, and she actually feared “people like me” would be teaching her grandkids. She drafted this opinion based on my grammar in a few papers and a maybe a presentation or two! I had recently switched from Education major to Child and Family Living. Of course I was like dang, I know I’m not suppose to be teaching, I have other plans with this. Little did she know that this was a foundation for me. I needed and desire to understand people, how they learn, grow, develop and interact with family and society. I wasn’t preparing to teach a class then and I no longer desired to. But her comment and expression of fear she had on me and my efforts stung!

I didn’t get why I would remember that meeting so vividly over 4 years now. I didn’t get why I was so mad at her for being so simple and mean, and why did I care?? Why did I cry silently for the rest of that evening? Why did I allow my little self to feel pain and so much hurt from such an irrelevant person?

But days like today… years like this year… I get it! I needed to hear her ridiculous fear to get over any that I had! God wanted to use me beyond the classroom, into the community, and he has even allowed me to be a vessel in other countries! She was one reminder for me that I will never forget. Gods plan was a different, yet greater path for me.

To be quite honest, I don’t see exactly what he has for me but I feel I’m moving in the right direction. Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders! Take me deeper than my feet could ever wonder!

Happy Saturday beautiful souls! Be kind and great today!
Turn that negativity into positivity. Acknowledge your emotions and take care of yourself. You have God given gifts and talents that you have to utilize, regardless how others may try to diminish you and your abilities.



6 thoughts on “How Pain Can Inspire Your Purpose

  1. Love this and the testimony you are sharing! It’s unfortunate people have a negative attitude when they don’t really know you or try to get to know you. Continue to shine your light sis!

  2. Go sis! I bet tht teacher is eating her words now! Eyes haven’t seen nor ears have heard what He has in store for you !

  3. It’s not pleasant that you had to hear something like that. Honestly the professor could have been shocked she said something like that. Like you mentioned God has a mysterious way of doing things. He knew by using her and relaying those words would continue to give you your boost whenever you doubt yourself.

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