Women’s History Month Recap

March was filled with some amazing Madness. There was no issue keeping busy! In honor of Women’s History Month I had the pleasure of developing, implementing, and co-facilitating a girls group at our school. I was also invited by Girls Inc. DC to speak to maya quote about timeyoung ladies in their spring break program about Self Esteem and Self Love on behalf of Raise Your Worth! I started Raise Your Worth in 2014 after talks with my father about both of our passions to empower the lives of the populations we were both passionate about, for me youth and women.


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Here are a few shots from my workshop at Girls Inc. I have place emphasis on how this group of young ladies amazed me with their dialogue throughout our activities and YOUnique Discussion! Their stories of past experience with self-esteem and their current struggles with reminding themselves to not care what others think allowed them all to have a safe space to realize that they were not in this phase of adolescence alone. Their ability to share how they have became resilient against words and thoughts of others was empowering. We ended the session with self-affirmations. I think it is safe to say we all loved many but they all wanted to take this one reminder home!

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Initially, this was one of my favorites but I was not sure if their age group could relate but it was well received and they all meant it when they said it. It is simply a reminder as an African American woman to be you, all parts of you, every single day! Others can choose to like it or not, long as you love it, ain’t no budging!

I created a little video footage of our first month of the Empowering Girls group at my school. We discussed the following topics through out the month: self love, sisterhood, career and college, and social media. Our program was specifically for 4th – 6th grade girls and we had over 30 girls show up for each session! It was great to see the growth in each girl from the beginning having to force them to stand,  and struggle to find one thing they liked about themselves– to the end where they courageously read poems that they wrote identifying every unique thing they loved about themselves!

Hope you all enjoyed this share as much as I did. This post serves as a motivator for me! I was able to create an avenue for me to do what I love with my occupation, while at the same time I pushed myself to embrace new opportunities for my brand and dream. As we enter Spring, find or create a way to spring into whatever idea, project, or task you have not had the courage to do just yet! 


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