New Year, New Look

Hey guys so it’s been about eight years since I’ve had a new pair of glasses. Let’s just say I’ve never purchased my own pair of glasses. Became an adult, and became cheap or irresponsible! Well I am on a mission to do better this year! I am breaking my habit of getting an eye exam, having my prescription in hand, and then deciding not to purchase glasses because of the price. Yeah, grad school did not offer eye care! I would tell myself that I would come back to order the glasses after saving, and never follow through. I would get busy and forget that I even needed glasses, especially with me being more of a contact wearer.

Thankfully I ran across Warby Parkers awesome at home try-on pair. I believe I failed to get new glasses because I simply did not find the time to go try on a pair and I hated being forced to decide in a twenty minute time frame which pair was for me! Talk about stress! Well Warby Parker allows you to pick 5 pair of their stylish glasses to try on for 5 days in the comfort of your own home…for FREE! Ok, so of course I ordered two try ons to make sure I gave my self enough options before making such a big fashionable purchase :)!

I can’t wait to order my first pair and thankfully it will be for less than $100! Yes, cute and affordable! Besides Warby Parker’s chic look, I absolutely love their cause. The reason behind their business. Warby Parker was created to offer us a more affordable option for eye care, but they also believed that everyone should be able to see, even those who have no access to eye wear. With every purchase made through Warby Parker, someone in need is given a chance at healthy sight. Purchase with purpose!

Besides Warby Parker’s chic look, I absolutely love their cause. The reason behind their business

Head over to Warby Parker now by using my personal link to get your free try on pair and/or to purchase your new pair of glasses. If you have an up to date prescription you will be able to submit an order today! All online in no time! Click Here.

I need a little help deciding which pair! Comment below with the name of the pair you feel fits me best! Please help, remember it’s been eight years!

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 8.49.58 PM
Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 8.51.19 PM
Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 8.52.01 PM

Head over to my Instagram to see me in action with each pair.

P.S. My 5th pair were sunglasses!

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