Cuties Coasting in Cancun


This past weekend I was able to help celebrate the life of my friend Leslie in Cancun, Mexico. Simply put, life was lived and melanin was popping! We booked through Expedia three weeks before our trip! We decided on the amount we did not mind spending for flight and lodging, and booked through Expedia’s travel packages. I must say the trip exceeded my expectations of what I assumed Cancun would be like and Mexico has captured my little travel heart!

Day One. Our first day in we decided to explore Cancun calm night life a little. We asked the hotel concierge for suggestions to just hang. Of course they began with giving us typical places they assume tourist would like to go, but we expressed our desire to go to places they personally like to go. Well lets just say they gave us just that, they recommended going to Plaza de Toros. We chose to dine at Las de Guantos where it took us maybe 20 minutes after being entertained by the most turnt waiter ever, to realize no one at the restaurant bar spoke any English Not even a little! It was more cool than stressful. I work at a school with 85% Hispanic population where I also teach an English class for parents and others in our community. Dining at this bar allowed me to walk in the shoes of the population I serve and advocate for daily, for a second. I say a second because this trip, this experience, could not be compared to their daily experiences in the U.S., but it inspired me more and reminded me to continue doing the work God has set out forth me to do at this moment.

I would like to take a second to thank God & Google! I am a huge google fan, since like tenth grade when I found out you can simply text google for responses. I’ve used it often when talking to clients, it’s not always accurate, but it gets the job done- especially in person. We were using it so much this night that our waiter asked to use the phone and he translated from Spanish to English! The little Spanish we knew collectively was just fine until our taxi never came back to pick us up, and they could not understand that we were stranded. It was all worth the hustle because our taxi ride back was the cheapest ride of the entire trip! Our waiter definitely looked out for us through our language barrier. Exploring is always a risk, and this night was worth it.


Day Two. If I could change any part of the trip it would be the morning we were too nice and decided to listen to the resorts sale pitch on a time share! Ahh, worst decision ever. There was some interest until we realized we had spent over three hours listening to them and that was just too much time to give away for a weekend trip! After that was over we traveled up to Hotel Zone where we hung out at Playa Langosta for a minute. I was able to see friends from back home who were celebrating their birthdays as well, us being in Cancun at the same time was the biggest coincidence! We ended our night celebrating three birthdays at Congo Bar Cancun. Our night was filled with unapologetic live your life moments. We enjoyed an open bar, great music, and overall great vibes.

Day Three. also known as my favorite day of the trip! We began the day with breakfast at the resort followed by quick sun bathing at the beach until our boat arrived at the loading dock. We got onboard of a Catamaran and sailed off to Isla Mujeres meaning Island of Women. Isla Mujeres is an island in the Caribbean Sea. The island’s name originates from the historical findings that priestesses were the first to ever live on the island. It is believed that the women lived there for centuries by themselves. Can you say empowering?

On the way to Isla Mujeres we had an open bar and snacks. The snack consisted of the best guacamole and pico de gallo EVER. We were not expecting that at all, I assumed peanuts or something! We were apart of the sightseeing, snorkeling, and sailing trip that the CATmania Sailing Trip company offers, but due to weather conditions we were only able to sail. I had a few people direct message me about the company we sailed with. We booked through our hotel at a steal price but I found the companies website. Yes, they have private and group options! I would definitely recommend them. The captain and his crew were very interactive and helpful!


The island itself was extremely peaceful, yet entertaining. In its entirety the island is a little over four miles long. I fell in love with the atmosphere here. I honestly plan on going again within the next year or so and actually staying on this island. The people were so friendly and happy! Since the island is so small there were very few cars on the roads. The best way to see the island was on foot, bike, or golf carts. Golf carts are probably the main big source of transportation. It really was not enough room for cars and I loved that! We spent a little time at Playa Norte beach which is one of the top rated beaches in the world. The water is crystal blue, and the sand is sugary white!


Day Four. The last day was our last chance to get sun-kissed! We literally ate breakfast and sat at the beachside until it was time to shuttle back to the airport. It was our chance to relax before our flights back home. Of course we almost missed our ride to the airport because we did not want to leave the beach! Like the weather on our last day was perfect!

Cancun is a beautiful place that I would recommend any one to visit. I will be going back but I definitely plan to stay at Isla Mujeres and maybe sail to Cancun for a day out. I personally enjoyed the energy and quaintness of Isla Mujeres the most!








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