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Sunday Fun|Day was a success! Today some awesome ladies, and myself, met up at SoBe Restaurant and Lounge in Lanham, Maryland to discuss a few things for our newly established book club! It was exciting to hang out with this spectacular group of women before we fully dive into our books and this whole book club idea!

I met all of the young ladies who have committed to the book club in grad school or through a mutual friend! Most of us live in the DMV area with one book worm who will be joining us from Philly!


At the beginning of summer 2017 I had convinced myself that I was going to magically become an overnight reader. I had purchased a great (in my opinion) book from Bus Boys and Poets (a local resturant and bookstore in the area) and I was committed. Committed with no agenda, so basically ready to fail. I had a desire to read with hopes that I would begin to expand my vocabulary, learn new things, and create a new safe-haven for myself. This thought process actually worked for a few weeks but I fell off. Every now and then, mostly while I am traveling, I read a few chapters from the same book. Yes, I am heading on six months on the same book! Horrible!

Our book club was formed with hope that maybe two or three people would be interested. I had this game plan set up that “hmm I know there are a few others out there who have a desire to read but could use an accountability partner or two to push them to actually read.” And Lord behold, it was actually 10 more 🙂 And maybe even more. I did not want to bug a lot of people about it because I had never organized a book a club or better yet, I had never been a part of one.

I needed accountability!

I am proud of myself for ignorning the fear in me saying others may not be interested, or this won’t really happen! Deciding to push myself and bring a bomb collection of women who were either natural readers or who wanted to push themselves as well; has been one of my coolest thoughts to date haha! Within a months time we have all took the challenge of raising our worth of excellence by committing to:

  • More Self Care Time 
  • More Learning 
  • More Sisterhood

I can’t speak for everyone else but I personally could always use a little more of all that!

All that Shi Peggy!

We are all very excited and some have already started reading on our first read! I literally ordered mines today! (Work on me Lord, i know) I am seriously filled with so much joy knowing that we all are genuinely excited to read! And excited to embrace the opportunity to meet up once a month to simply uplift one another during our book discussions and social time!


Had to thank the ladies! What other way than with a sweet bite or two!



Our first read of the year is “Too Beautiful for Words” by Monique Morris. An awesome African-American author who may be more known for her most recent book “Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools.” We selected our first book through member suggestions and then votes! This allowed all voices to be heard and was a very easy process thanks to google and all of its cool forms! 🙂 I look forward to updating you all on how our first discussion goes! We’re still working on the whole name thing! It is coming!

Are you a reader? Are you in a book club? Are you on Goodreads?
Share any advise you have on sticking to your reading or book club tips! We will appreciate it 🙂
I am also accepting any encouragement! This time next year I will have y’all saying #TiaraBeReading !


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