Home for the Holidays

Happy New Year Everyone!

2017 came and went just like that! I made it through my first holiday season spending both, Christmas and New Years, away from my family. Initially I figured, uhhh this sucks…then after a ten minute dramatic moment I got over it!

I was not able to go to Dallas for the holidays due to my interesting work schedule, and my slight inability to deal with crowded airports, packed car lots, and the other headaches of holiday travel. Sometimes as a traveler you’re just not up to the draining part of traveling. Especially when you will only have two full days with family before having to endure the airport headache life again. It hurts you more than help if you’re a sensitive person like me. I like to think I saved myself from a weird emotional toll and a lot of money.

It didn’t dawn on me until Christmas day when I didn’t have any sad emotions, that I was not with my family in Texas.  I love being at home to myself when I can so I was probably enjoying my “me” time a little too much to feel sad. Healthy isolation for me is like recharging my batteries. I was able to spend Christmas day and the week of New Years with great people, and that is part of the true holiday experience as well. Of course technology has made situations like this much more easier. I was able to call my family via face-time as much as I wanted and engage in their shenanigans!

I adore Christmas time because it’s magical way through many decades and centuries to bring family and friends together and have everyone in that joyful mood. You know that mood that regardless what is happening in our individual lives during the holidays we all find the strength deep down to smile, to care, and to spread love in many creative ways!

New Years is a favorite of mine as well because it is a true time to refresh and restart if you choose! I think it sucks that people choose to joke or discredit people who want to set goals, or who would like to work on different things to ultimately better themselves. My close friend and sister Lindsey and I talked briefly this week and we both shared the thought of how awesome it really is to actually embrace the start of a new year. Anyone with sense, in my opinion, should not only want to always reflect on how to be a better person but most importantly we should all care to encourage any and everyone who wants to try. Even if we fall short, try something new this year, or try a different approach to something. Whatever that may be. It’s an inspiring feeling that we can give to ourselves and benefit from.

So this year, I was HOME for the holidays, and I was okay with that! Your home is the place you reside and although I love the place that birthed and raised me I’m surprisingly finding small things to love in my new home state. I have really came to the senses over the past few months that the DMV is really my home. (Sorry mom if you’re reading this) I’ve practically endured my most significant adult years here. From 22-25 I have had a D.C. or now Maryland address as I worked and went to school to basically provide a living for myself here. I’ve even began considering switching my license and state ID over soooo this is becoming a big deal for me! 🙂 I remember in 2014 telling my uncle I would do two to three years tops and I’m coming back home or somewhere else. Now almost 4 years later I still hear God telling me to stay, for whatever reason, and actually have no care to fight it. Some days I find an excited spirit within me knowing the best has yet to come. Cliche, i know, but seriously!

I was HOME for the holidays

I’ve learned one thing in this new home of mine. God will sometimes move you to unknown places for you to see the unknown. And sometimes it will not be in your dream state or ideal next location, and you will possibly be there longer that you personally plan. But stick with his plan for you, and make your home a sweet one filled with positive people- creating positive memories! Embrace where you are while you plan where you are going.


Surprisingly, I did not take a lot of pictures over the holidays- but here’s a shot of our living area for the holidays 🙂 went for kind of modern chic look, got these cute envelope style stockings from Target!
My friend Joanna hosted a fun Christmas party, and Bria (bestfriend since middle school) came up randomly to visit me on her days off. She also brought her cute Polaroid 🙂



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  1. Hummmmm, I think I kind of remember someone saying they were coming back to the D…. that’s in Texas….
    Okay Okay, (trying to be as genuine as possible while saying this) Do what makes you HAPPY. (If your mom sees this, I’ll say someone forced me to say that.) Love you neice and wish nothing but the best!

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