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Hey guys its been a minute, or two, well more like a year… but it’s a return 🙂 ! Since my last blog I’ve  completed a masters degree from Howard University School of Social Work (HU). I lost my first love and best friend, my father. I finally entered the big girl world of working  in the social services field. I have basically had to begin adulting and life has not held any lessons back from me. Through it all, I can honestly say my good days have managed to outweigh my bad. God is so good, how he has carried me is truly indescribable. For this bring it back edition (slightly *jiggs*) I will take a brief ride down memory lane, giving you some insight on my purpose and reasoning on returning to share my life with others through this blog!

August 2014

Three years ago I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University, and within 6 days from walking the stage I decided to pay my deposit to attend grad school in the District of Columbia at Howard University. Honestly I had no intentions on going right back to school and I had no intentions on moving 1500 miles away from my family. My good friend Adrienne had a great idea to just apply one day during our internship, me being a risk taker (or whatever you may call it) I joined in on the risk, what could it hurt? Obtaining your masters degree in the social work field allows you to have a greater chance at getting the jobs you desire with the pay you need.  Deep down I had never let my younger Tiara dreams go away, my dream of attending school at Howard. Only this time I wasn’t going to let finances, self-doubt, or any other excuse stop me.

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Long story short, I can thank Adrienne for allowing me to move where God intended me to be. Although I couldn’t see it then, and even now, I know he’s with me, carrying me, and continues to provide for me. Shout out to my friend Amber for allowing me sleep on her floor and show me the District when I first made it into town for school. I moved with no place to stay or better yet LAY and I am forever grateful for your hospitality from Day 1! I was so scared once she picked me up from the airport, the scenery was beautiful, she was so informative, but I was like damn did I just really make this move? Then morning came, it was the first day of orientation. I threw my blazer on, and told myself, “lets get it T.” Had never seen where I was going or stepped on Howard’s campus, but I did it! First year was cool, great internship, learned to walk or metro everywhere! I mean everywhere. I left my car in Texas, and I didn’t really need it. It was cool using public transportation, the things you see and hear on the bus! Pure entertainment. In all seriousness, I was proud of myself after completing my first year, with a 4.0 and feeling like I was headed towards the right path professionally. 

Sept 2015

It was the beginning of my second year. I had just drove from Texas to D.C. 2 weeks before to begin my full time job and school. Things were hectic but I was adjusting. I was walking in a new area of DC and like always found comfort by just being on the phone with my dad so I called him. I recall having one of the most memorable phone conversations with my father the day he passed. I didn’t know why then but for once I didn’t want my dad to hang up, I didn’t want him to leave my thought, and strangely enough he could tell the same. When we hung up initially I talked to myself as I walked, “Like girl you must miss your daddy.” Before he began his route that day he called back to check on me to see if I had made it back to work. I did, but once again I didn’t want to say goodbye. Anyone who knew my father and me knew that we had the craziest, funniest relationship, I was his mini me. So me not wanting to hang up was kind of weird of me. We talked daily but the conversations usually ended easily in a joke, or him being serious telling me how he’s been on this earth double the time I have so I better listen! But this day, September 2, 2015, this phone call, I felt extremely loved, and a sense of gratefulness. I was grateful for having a father who found time each day to not only check on me but everyone else and their mama! 

Fifteen hours later I received the worst call of my life. I was in shock, scared, confused, and filled with so many emotions that left me numb and screaming. I appreciate my friend/sister Sydney who was my roommate at the time. She literally carried me on a day I had no strength to go. She helped me book my flight, informed professors and my new boss that I would be out, packed for me, and dropped me off at the airport. It is definitely one of those things that I could never repay her for. Also, I can never say thank you enough to the family, friends, and colleagues who prayed and continue to pray for my family.

My dads home going service was BEAUTIFUL. I realized then that you can truly tell how much of an impact a person has on the world once they are gone. The amount of people that came to the service, and the amount of people who STILL tell us they did not know or couldn’t make it… has me in AWW to this day. I mean growing up I saw how selfless he was, but like most things in life, there is so much more to a person than meets the eye. There was a lot of people I did not know my dad had helped because when he helped others he never felt the need to announce what he did. It was just between him, God, and those he affected.

Weeks past and towards the end of September after having a heart to heart with my great grandmother I found courage to return back to D.C. to school. Umm, till this day I can not explain where or how I was able to complete graduate school. If it was not for God literally carrying me from point A to point B, and then to the finish line, I would not have made it.

May 2016

On May 6, 2016, I was hooded at the Howard University in front of my crazy supportive family and friends. It was such an awesome feeling that I will never let anyone take from me. Did I mention I was in the same graduating class as President Barack Obama! This is a memory I will FOREVER cherish.I possibly celebrated the hardest I ever had on this night and I have no regrets. This day was huge for me.

Here’s a picture of some of my closest friends that began as classmates, who truly served as family since moving to D.C. three years ago. Funny fact: We all are like a melting pot of favorable friendship! Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Texas!

Jan. 2017 till now

At this point I began grasping the adult world a little better! Found a job that I enjoy, pretty adjusted to the fact that my family is 1500+ miles away and trying to understand this millennial grind. Laughs. Okay, not really but I am trying and trying to have as much fun as possible while I try! I have no idea of what my next steps are but I’m not worried. I have a plan and a few goals but I’m open. Whatever is next will come and it will come when it is suppose to come. So for now, this is me, focused on life, but not how to perfect it but more so how to live it. Living it with no regrets or mistakes but blessings and lessons.


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  1. I am so proud of you and your journey!! You will impact so many lives by passing on your strength and determination to the people you serve and work with. Love you girl.

  2. I’m not sure if you know it or not, but I most definitely look up to you. You inspire me to keep going and pushing to accomplish my dreams. Thank you for always being a text away for whatever I may ask! I’m beyond grateful to have crossed paths!! You’re amazing 💜

    1. Omigosh, dont have me in tears!! This comment has truly made my day! I love your determination. Please continue to text, you keep me on my toes! I can’t wait to see you blossom in our profession.

  3. Tiara im so PROUD of you and keep making major moves.Nobody can STOP your shine cause GOD got you in every direction.CONGRATULATIONS and keep your family PROUD and DAD smiling and watching you put in work while on your new journey.Love you

  4. Super proud of you and all your accomplishments! You are so wise and brave. There’s no doubt that God has a plan for you and I can see that he’s already using you. Keep up the good work girly!

    1. Lillian,
      Thank you so much for your comment! Means a lot coming from you. I pray that everything I share is part of his plan and how he wants to has me! Hope you continue to read 🙂 ❤️

  5. So proud of you Tiara and ALL of your accomplishment. You truly are a special kind of person ❤️ Keep pushing

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