Dear Ladies of Earth: Master Yourself

Dear Ladies of Earth,

Master Yourself! Lately, after conversing with friends and spending positive me time with my self, I’ve concluded that I am on a mission of mastering myself! Before you can master yourself you have to of course love yourself! But I personally feel that you can love yourself and still truly have no idea who you truly are, or where you want to be, what you want to do, things you enjoy, things that annoy you and you just have no idea why they annoy you -_- (giggles)… I can go on forever explaining how there is just something unique and different when a women decides to master herself. 

I wanted to blog because I feel we often here the importance of loving ourselves but rarely no one mentions the next step or we assume the next step is making something out of yourself. And to be completely honest, you can lose yourself in the process of trying to be something great according to the worlds definiton of success that you lose sight of the beauty that comes with taking time to know yourself. Or you lose yourself in general going after success because you “love” yourself soooo much that you just have to make it!

Don’t get me wrong. We all would like to make it but I believe that in the process of mastering yourself as individual you will make it. And it will just happen. Of course hard work, dedication and all that will be needed but when you decide to “Master” yourself and you do it right. This will come with the process. Lets glance at the several definitions that google(my favorite source) gives for the word master:

●having or showing very great skill or proficiency
●main; principal.
●acquire complete knowledge or skill in (an accomplishment, technique, or art).
●gain control of; overcome

I love these definitions because it just shows how important, well for me, it is to Master Me. As I grow and mature I feel that life offers you different stages and different situations. Some of those stages will bring seasons of hell and some will bring good times but if you focus on embracing the stage you are living you should force yourself to see the beauty in everything that happens.

So, for example, during this master me stage, I personally experienced something that in the past it would had been very hard for me to just function in general because of the change in my life but then I laughed and realized this is part of you mastering you! And once I accepted that I immediately went into asking God and myself what kind of lessons have I learned or what lessons am I going to take from this and how will I move forward! 🙂

I challenge you guys to love yourself enough to master yourself!


Darn skippy and im still fighting!

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