I Believe in Me

I never doubted my capabilities to succeed. But I never realized the power of believing. Believing in myself, and constantly visioning my dream. Believing that where I am now can only encourage and never discourage my future. And most importantly praying specifically for that vision. Prayer is key but it’s nothing without confidence in yourself and having that faith to see it through regardless of your now circumstances. It’s such a beautiful concept.

Desire. Pray. Believe. Achieve.

This week I’ve had many moments where I began to reflect on the beauty of believing in yourself. It is such a blessing to begin to learn the power of the process and know that it comes from my father above.

As I learn to seek him more than I ever have, on a more sincere level I cant help but to give him all the glory to my findings of myself. It is him who continues to show me the meaning of many important attributes of life. This week it was believing in myself.

I dedicate this week, the first week in July, the month I was born…to believing in myself! I am so pumped in the type of force learning this lesson will bring into my life!


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