Unknowingly Our Mentality Stinks

Unknowingly so many of us live each day as if tomorrow and the rest of the days are promised. We have came to mentally think we deserve tomorrow and base or decisons, intentions, love and motives on something that’s non existent and not promised. This mentality reduces the beauty of life.

And as a society this sucks for us. We continue to live life in such an unpromising way and slowly watch things of value slip away from us because that messed up thought that we can fix it all at a later date.

It’s more cool to live irresponsable care free than to live responsibly free and caring.

I just hope that we can all learn to live each day to our fullest and show one another love like no other because no one knows the day or the hour it will all be over or the day or hour your fellow loved ones will be done here on earth with us. Even more realistically yourself..

Don’t hold off. Attack life at its wings. Keep Him first and dream and live like no other.

Always with love..genuine love,

Tiara Shenea

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