Commit to Being Committed

A lot of times, maybe more than we want, we often struggle with being committed. To me, commitment simply means sticking to whatever you are doing and following through until you see the outcome you wanted in the beginning or never quitting whatever it may be and proving you are a committed person.

I have ALWAYS struggled with being committed to things and honestly always opted out at the first chance to “quit” something. And I’ve hated myself and my lack of ambition to stick through with whatever it was that i just could not stay committed to. Whether it was finishing an activity, staying committed to my academics, workouts, or spiritual time. I could never successfully commit to anything like this for more than a month or two. It saddens me because all of these things or very important.

Over the past month I would say I have tackled(not mastered) the key to commitment. Hope this can help others who have faced this tricky battle of commitment!

  • Eliminating distractions– When i move, delete or flush the pointless distractions out of my life I become 3x’s more productive with accomplishing and taking care of the business that matters. My pointless distractions and yours can be totally different. You know a distraction when you see one. Knock it out the way.
  • Constant Reminders- Some how, some way put your goals, your plans, your wishes, dreams, schedule, whatever it may be.. place it in your face as much as possible. This can be done through calendars, phones, sticky notes.. Me personally I have been able to stay committed to my workouts my following majority of fitness gurus on my instagram, pinterest, etc. All i see if people working out, workout tips, etc. So WORKING OUT is constantly on mind and I feel horrible if a day goes by and I don’t join the train. I feel guilty! So it works.
  • Commitment builds character– I have to remind myself that when I stay committed to something I am growing as a person and choosing to take the hard way out. Anyone can say they are going to do something but hardly ever do it, but its a select few that start something and finish it or start something and let the unknown(usually the best) unfold.
  • Tame Yourself- I am a person who believes I can do anything and everything, which is fine, in my opinion. But it all cant be done at once or else NOTHING gets done. Its like a waste of talent after so long. You have your mind so scattered of all the good things that you can do or create and you never finish anything!
  • That 1 Person– Have that one person that you talk to that will remind you unknowingly of specific things that you are really passionate about staying committed to. That way when they mention it just in casual convo and you just so happen, recently been slipping up, you will all of sudden have a guilty conscious come over you(secretly) and will be back to whatever it may be in no time! Trust me haha.

Do NOT mistake this person as an accountability partner. I don’t think those do too well these days. Lol. And together you and your accountability partner reason on how its okay that you’ve slipped up! NO! “That 1 Person” that I described above isn’t even aware of their crucial assistance with keeping you on track but I promise if you take this route they will be the best help and best motivator to make sure you are able to give them progress on your situation every time y’all speak!


  • Commit 2 You– You deserve the best. You have to make a pledge to yourself that you are the only reason you will fail at life. YOU are the only reason you will succeed. The choice is yours. Self: Will I do whatever it takes to commit and succeed or will I not carry out and let a once good thing/vision go to waste forever?

I have something pretty big going on in my world that I have no option to stay committed to or else I am going to be a complete failure! Can’t wait to share with you guys, but due to my past I am choosing to see the follow through myself or major progress before sharing just to prove I committed to myself on a higher level! 🙂

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