Self Hatred

ImageLove yourself, and then someone can love you. Love yourself and everything will fall in place. Love yourself or no one else will. These are all reasons we continually give one another on the importance of loving yourself right? Yes, and they are all so very true. But recently I was educated on the most important reason why one should love themselves and never have the nerve to dislike or hate something about you. Regardless, God made you and he says your good! That is the true reason you should love you!!

If you love yourself and you are one hundred percent you do then great! But I mean REALLLLY i stress this because sometimes we can make ourselves believe we love our self and that we are comfortable with who we are but ultimately we are not! And we have just psyched our own self in believing we do like our self just because we know we are suppose to but couldn’t even tell someone 5 valid reasons why you love yourself.

If you do not love yourself this is called “self hatred”. Intense dislike of oneself is how this term is simply defined. Many would not admit this out loud but I believe it is a battle many if not all have dealt with unknowingly or knowingly in life. Over the smallest insecurities or the biggest teasing/discouragement of people and things of this world people have dealt with self hatred or is dealing with it now.

Self-Hatred is the root of most sins. When you do not care for you, you don’t care what you do! When you have a dislike for yourself you are bashing, insulting, disrespecting, and basically slapping your Creator in the face. How dare we not like the person he made us to be? In Pastor Freddy Haynes words, which i believe are correctly put, when God created me he said “that’s good.” When God created you, however he created you, flaws and all, imperfections and all, he made you said “THATS GOOD.” Regardless what you think or anyone else think, ain’t nothing wrong with you. So get it together and stop bashing our Creator.

I wanted to share this because I personally never heard this view on the subject of loving yourself. I believe if more people thought this way and knew what disliking yourself truly is, self hatred, and how we are shaming our creator; it would be less people dealing with self hatred. It would be less people pretending to be something they are not. Putting on a front to please this crowd, or this guy or this girl, or this employee or this person. If you have to be anything but yourself to “impress” someone then more than likely yall aint meant to mix and mingle and its time to enter a different lounge. God said you good just the way you are.

“When you start being comfortable with who you are you will stop being what you AINT” – Pastor Haynes

Love you all.


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