Placing age on relationships , I don’t understand

Why have people grown to think life is easier without a relationship? Is it single miserable people influencing this? I don’t know. My opinion is first love God who teaches you to love yourself and then you may be blessed to find someone who loves you more than You will ever imagine and who you love the right way because God sent that person. Having a significant other is important and sometimes your only genuine support on earth when it’s real because we know even mom’s and dad’s aren’t authentic these days. I’m just saying don’t listen to people who say you don’t need a relationship or you too young or you too old now. Man live your life , a God fearing life and let love find you.

I literally do not talk, text or entertain any male right now and I loved the past few weeks.Life is easier for me personally because I’m not allowing undeveloped boys or some timers in my life and I’m working on many personal issues for every day life as well as dusting up myself spiritually because that is an ongoing relationship and job if you want to keep the many devils away and remain spiritually correct. . That doesn’t mean I don’t want someone or I’m bad all by myself. It’s just not on my personal time line with God. Listening to these people will have you as miserable as they are but they are good at faking the funk. There is only one person i let run , direct or influence my life. And he is awesome. Won’t steer me wrong .


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