Death to Discouragment

The word discourage sickens me to be honest. For one, the word is ugly. Second, the thought of being discouraged makes my stomach turn because it is similar to another D word to me…Depression. Yes, that may be a little too much to compare the two but I disagree. Discouragement is a loss of confidence or enthusiasm. Losing confidence or some enthusiasm can make one low in spirits. Being low in spirits is one definition of depression. May it be temporary or long term; discouragement will cause you to be down on yourself. With the possibility of depression and depression is … just not where anyone wants to or deserves to be.

I had a week of being discouraged this past semester. I found out the news that I would not be graduating the semester that I had planned on graduating originally. In return I would be graduating three months later than expected. Many will say well that isn’t a lot long after or at least you are graduating. They are right. But I wasn’t in that mind frame or wanting to hear any of that at the time. All I could think, “I let myself down. How could I do this? Why is this happening to me? I don’t want to be bothered. I am a failure.” I was thinking all this plus much more. 

Now this can be small to some and others may actually have had a moment of similarity. I wanted to write about this topic specifically to say that I was wrong and all of us who allow ourselves to be discouraged are wrong. I strongly believe in the message we have always heard growing up. God closes one door to open another one. We hear we say but sometimes it’s hard to apply and remember it in your own life. But we must do just that.

We must never get discouraged. Adversity is all a part of this thing call life and we will get through it all. Never get down on yourself. I know we are only human but it is possible. I wouldn’t encourage anyone in any matter that I know I could not do.

I had to understand that at the end of the day I couldn’t wrap my head around why I was graduating late because that door had been closed and the decision had been made. I would soon find understanding of why and once God saw that I accepted the thought and he personally felt that I was mature enough or ready for whatever awaited he would give to me whatever I needed. Since then I have found a passion for a couple things I never knew existed or was for me and I truly believe that the time that I now had/have for myself to think gave me the chance to figure these things out.

I’ve noticed lately that I don’t stress and I am never down on myself. And if I catch myself getting close to such a horrible thought I quickly think of something great I have done or accomplished lately or the easiest thing to do is to refer to the WORD. God’s Word. The bible and God will always be your easiest picker upper. 

I don’t know who has been discouraged or what you all have been discouraged about but it was heavy on my mind to write on this topic. Let’s take a small movement to not allow the state of discouragement in our atmosphere, mind or heart. It can honestly turn into a sickness after so long. It isn’t worth it. Remember how much everything you do and where you are is blessing and storms never last long.

Also, never allow another human to discourage you. NEVER. Not yourself or anyone else. People will attempt in every way to bring you down but do not allow for that to happen. 

Be patient. Allow God to order your steps and be ready to succeed.



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