Dear Ladies of Earth

I would like to dedicate my first blog to one of the most beautiful creations our Father has ever made. Women. I love and honor every lady on this face of earth and as I learn and listen in everyday life I just wish all women and young girls could love and feel this plus more for themselves. It saddens me to know that there are so many young ladies who do not see their own beauty, who does not see their strength. Some of us lack self confidence and belief. This can be for many reasons, some horrible and some minor but we have to use it for determination and not surrenderNot surrender to that one stupid guy or unloving parent who told you you are nothing or wont amount to anything. Not surrender to the outside telling you you are ugly or too fat (who decides what is ugly and what is fat anyway). Not surrender to so called friends who do nothing but put you down. Not surrender to the incidents of your child hood that could scar an individual and only you know what you been through but because you believe in yourself and and you believe that you are MORE than what this stupid world try to label you as. Not surrender to not understanding why you do not receive any attention or as much as attention or the next girl. Remember all attention isn’t good attention and a lady doesn’t need attention. You are beautiful just the way you are.

I want to tell every young girl and lady who reads this that you are excellent and a human of very high standard. You are a queen. We often say we are a queen or we want to be treated or viewed as queens but either we accept lesser than this or not act in this manner simply because we do not honestly believe this thought.

A queen inherits the honor of a queen at birth. Since you came out of the womb you were a queen by default and regardless what anyone else has said, done or thought about you that doesn’t matter. Reclaim your throne and wear your crown. Never let it fall, it will never fall if you keep your head up and leveled. People, men and sadly other women will throw things at you and attempt to lower your standards within but that is life and you will defeat those haters and “wanna bs”. You are amazing.

The symbolism with chess and earth is quite beautiful to me. A queen chess piece is the most powerful piece each player has. Why do you believe that centuries ago they chose to make the queen the most powerful piece? Why is it the strongest protector for the king piece? This all relays to everyday living. Women are the most powerful and respected people but we fall short and are role is weaken because of ourselvesWe do not believe in ourselves. We do not believe we are the most powerful or respected. So how can we even expect others to.

Remember you are amazing the way you are. Perfect being the best you. No one wants to be like any one else we are all different for the reason. True beauty lies within us all, find it and flaunt it.

Please comment with feedback or discussion! Lets empower one another.

I love you all.

Signing out.

Tiara Shenea.


Music- Just the way you are x Bruno Mars.

7 thoughts on “Dear Ladies of Earth

  1. Love the post T! Its time to stand up and empower one another! To finally commit to the greatest entity on Heaven and earth and that is Love. <3

    Your fellow Queen,

  2. Hello Tiara,

    This brightens my soul to see you are reaching out to women of all ages. I am one of those girls who have been scorned by the past due to rape. I’m just applaud that you are taking time out of your day to this. Congratulations and I will stay tuned in 💋

    1. Thanks Tink. I appreciate you taking the time to read and share that. You are a beautiful product of not allowing your past to define you and I must say very strong. Love you girly. Thanks again.

  3. This is beautiful! It really is inspiring to read this and be able to relate to it. I’m so proud and can’t wait to read more!! I’ll definitely be reading! We truly are BEAUTIFUL 🙂

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