3 Things I’m Learning from Gratitude

Humble Moments I’m Forever Grateful For. CIRCA MAY 2016 The day this picture was taken I was reminded and truly felt my support system has no boundaries! Six months before this picture all of our worlds were shaken when God decided he needed our biggest supporter to come home early. Graduation was removed from my goals, I missed a month of school, walked away from … Continue reading 3 Things I’m Learning from Gratitude

Quick Guide: New York in 48 Hours

It’s Friday night, a few rain drops have softly fell, and I am hopping off the bus in New York, New York. Where I am greeted by undergraduate friend, Tanisha, who is currently living and working in NYC on her current traveling nursing assignment. My line sister Kayla is also in the city this weekend and played a huge role in my decision of giving … Continue reading Quick Guide: New York in 48 Hours

6 Tips: Learning & Loving [You]

I will start off being honest with the fact on how this blog came about. During my morning ritual of rising, heading straight to my curtains and blinds, allowing the little sunshine to shine; I smiled! A random habit that has begun to bring me much joy, on a daily basis! This morning, this particular routine, made me think this thought, “continue to learn yourself, … Continue reading 6 Tips: Learning & Loving [You]