Quick Guide: New York in 48 Hours

It’s Friday night, a few rain drops have softly fell, and I am hopping off the bus in New York, New York. Where I am greeted by undergraduate friend, Tanisha, who is currently living and working in NYC on her current traveling nursing assignment. My line sister Kayla is also in the city this weekend and played a huge role in my decision of giving New York another 48 hours of my life! I’ve gone to New York three times before this trip and my time there never fails. Each trip has ranged 24-48 hours exactly! It’s crazy! Fast city and fast time.
This trip gave me exactly what I desired. I was able to see why people like Tanisha, Kayla, and my cool about that life friend through a friend, Lauren, are so in love with the city! I was able to see all of them in their element in New York as if they were home! I enjoyed being able to visit a group of women who I met in undergrad years ago (acts old) and have the chance to embrace one another across the states. I had a few reflective moments just thanking God for not only where he has me but how he has taken each of us on our own beautifully written paths. More importantly I am in love with how we all are willing and able to go when opportunity allows us.
I’ve visited Manhattan and Brooklyn on previous trips but I can honestly say all the places, with one exception, were all new places and new vibes for me on this trip. And to top the cake with the best authentic icing, I was able to experience Harlem as a true Harlem native. Watching the guys gamble on the steps, late night neighborhood congregating, arguing over old times, and hearing the few that have moved away defend their love and commitment to Harlem regardless where God allows them to move onward and upward to! It was black and beautiful. You even noticed the neighborhood patrol cops who have gained familiarity with the residents and allow them to hang out longer than the city may have wished.
Quick side note: I was suppose to leave New York Sunday night at 9 PM . I was in Harlem at 10 PM, Sunday night. I left New York the following Monday afternoon at 2 PM… Buying a last minute bus ticket while sipping a frozen margarita, gazing at one of the best views of the Jungle City two hours before my bus was leaving… was worth it!
S/O to Kayla for not pressuring me but simply encouraging me! We left Manhattan and headed to Harlem for a cookout! The cookout had ended by the time we made it but we were able to hang out on the block and just vibe with the locals and see their neighborhood, their convos, their lingo… I was grateful! Anyone who has traveled with me know how grateful I am to explore every opportunity to engage in the lives of locals anywhere I go (in the states or out of the country).


Here’s a list of the spots we were able to hit up over the weekend. I would recommend anyone to try a few on your next trip to NY.

Friday Night

Dudley’s cool bartender – Manhattan- chill, cooling vibe. Ran into a fellow Texas, same hood and all! The world is SMALL.
The DL night club- nice club with different types of music and three floors, easy good time



Fika Enjoyed a nice cup of joe, in research I learned Fika means coffee and cake break in Sweden. Cute! I know!
Woodland Restaurant (second time here, we literally pre-gamed here for a quick second before eating…and enjoyed every second! Brunch here if you have not!
Sweet Chick – for brunch, it was yummy, they have a few locations, pick your poison.
Father Knows Best – Brooklyn. I enjoyed this place. It was are mid day chill, catch a cute drink spot. One of my #takenbytea shots is featured on their instagrams! Go check them out.
Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill (DUMBO) Yummy sushi, creative tasty drinks! Beautiful scenery. Go!
Harlem Hookah– (Harlem) I would suggest this to anyone who likes hookah, a chill yet chic/elegant vibe. I am not a hookah person but I enjoyed their sticky wings. BOMB!



Central Park Finally, on my fourth trip to NY, I was able to go to Central Park and actually exercise. We biked the the entire park (i think). And it was a W O R K O U T.
The Grey Dog We brunched here Sunday morning, good food, calm vibe. Families, friends, business meeting.
Mr. Purple – Rooftop | If you would like to see a breathtaking view of NYC this is a great place to get just that.
Lil Ochie We went here as they were closing, it was okay but it may have been the fact that we got the last end of everything. I mean the last end, I called them as we were walking blocks and asked them to stay open because I was craving authentic Jamaican food! (I am extra, I know)/ but kudos to the owner and their customer service!


48 hours well spent! I hope you have time to visit one or two spots on the list! Let me know if you are visiting New York soon and what you look forward to trying. Or if you’ve been, what is your favorite about the city?

6 Tips: Learning & Loving [You]

I will start off being honest with the fact on how this blog came about. During my morning ritual of rising, heading straight to my curtains and blinds, allowing the little sunshine to shine; I smiled! A random habit that has begun to bring me much joy, on a daily basis! This morning, this particular routine, made me think this thought, “continue to learn yourself, and forever love yourself Tiara.”

A lot of times people just place emphasis on learning to love yourself and leave out the crucial need of learning to know yourself- learning you! What you like, what you don’t like what you enjoy what you’re not so fond of, what triggers you, what calms you, what energizes you (being away from people for me), pretty much what makes you, you! We often cant answer this. I’ve noticed, many hate to be alone. Not as single, I mean some people HATE to be a lone, isolated, to themselves. And i believe a lot of learning comes from isolation. Some of us have to have someone around us or have to be around a group of people 90% of the time.  It is an unbeknownst tactic that people use to avoid being in their own thoughts, and faced with addressing their own reality. People fear their own reality!! And it’s almost a norm so If it’s you, don’t be discouraged, be aware. Be aware of yourself doing this and begin to make time for you. Make time for you and God.

People fear their own reality!

Begin to find ways to create alone time for yourself. As you strengthen your mind with being free to just think… wonderful things are shown to you ! Initially it may be rough and you may find yourself picking up on negative things or reflecting on traumatic moments in the past… it’s ok! It was your life, it may be an incident that occurred, it may be a rough journey that lasted tooo long, it may be a situation that you surely did not ask for or to be placed in, but regardless, it does not DEFINE you!

Part of learning yourself is taking the lesson from a not so great part of life! Find the strengths in the situations that the world would look down on you because of the circumstances, and acknowledge you are still here, obviously for a reason, but most importantly God loves you enough to see you fulfill what he has called you to do! And yes he loves you, and yes you have a purpose, its the choices you make that either begin to lead you closer or further!

I notice more and more young adults thinking they’re just not good enough or lucky enough to have beautiful, happy, things transpire. I don’t know why it’s such a common thought now but familiarizing ourselves with stories of the the Bible would be the best start to changing this mentality. I say this because when I compare what I’ve heard from others who feel they just aren’t equipped to be loved or things they’ve done disqualifies them for being used, to the few stories I’ve heard of certain individuals in the Bible. I initially think OH you have no idea! The things we assume disqualifies us or the things we allow the devil to continue to weigh down on our hears has NO comparison to some of the stories in the bibles!

I will try to share relatable biblical text or ask you all to provide some but lets just take Paul for now! Paul, who was Saul before, hate Christians, hated them so much he killed them. But yet, God still found him to be a “chosen instrument”. Heres a link to a in depth of Pauls journey: https://www.gotquestions.org/life-Paul.html In summary please get rid of the thought that you can not be used by God based on what you’ve done or been through.

Above was a snapshot of learning yourself! I believe the love part takes place when you decide to be content and confident in the things you discover. The good, the trauma, the ups, the difficult journeys, and even the things that others may find to be insignificant. I began this write off thinking about the small things I hate or love but smiling as I woke up because at least I know them and know regardless how small they are to others like they really matter to me and they bring joy to me!

So make a list, try to come up with things you absolutely love and hate that are random but make you uniquely you! It can be a easy, yet impactful, start to learning more about why you like or dislike things.

Snapshot of my 7 am list of things i can think of just for example:

I prefer a double sided sink . Living with a small modern one now and I ABSOLUTELY HATE it. They’re really trying to push ppl to dishwashers. GIVE ME MY SINK SPACE, although dishwasher is clutch.

I Love light in the morning with views (ANY view that’s open like a street, trees, nosey neighbors house, field …BUT NOT the next apartment building ugh) The light is like a sign of new beginnings , a fresh start, to me! I appreciate it, and I’m grateful for it! 🙂

I have to have pitch darkness at night with no sound . Idk how this developed with a family thats totally opposite and I know I need to work on this since I desire a husband and kiddos one day. Earbuds and face mask until I learn 🙂

Im a binge watcher . I prefer to knock it all out together . It keeps me excited and I feel connected. It makes alone time more enjoyable for me.

I receive an exciting high of some sort hearing people talk about or seeing people use their gifts! It’s so motivating and inspiring.

I can stare at flowers and plants all day! It is one of the most calming getaways for me.


Okay, I know some of these are bizarre and probably make no sense to you but that’s okay! Know your list and grow it! They say learn something new everyday, apply that tactic to your life, that way you never stop reminding yourself of how cool and wonderful you are!

Until next time,

The Tiara Fits Me


How to queen with style

Some days its tough to believe you are valued, significant, and placed here for a specific plan that only you can accomplish! Then some days you’re confident more than ever, trying to remain humble because you can’t deal with your own dopeness! I get it sis!

I would like to introduce you to the worthy tote!


This tote is one of our unique ways of saying “sis, I get you” “i see you” and “I got you”.

The Worthy Tote is our first release of empowering apparel. I visualize a world of empowered women uplifting one another without even saying much, but by doing. I am a visual person, so it just makes sense for me to release visuals that make a statement and uplift myself and my fellow sister when possible!


This tote, my first release, gives us a cute and humble way of tooting our own horn on the good and not so good days. It allows us to choose to raise our worth day in and out while encouraging the next person to do the same!

When they ask you “Raise Your Worth what does it mean?” When they ask you “Raise Your Worth what does it mean?” Tell them “I’m making sure Im taking action and embracing opportunities that go beyond society’s definition of a Queen . I’m raising my worth with no limits on what I dream of doing or accomplishing.

I am a #womanofwealth



Click here to visit our apparel page! 

What do you all think of our bag! Comment below! Already purchased yours? Drop a pic of you styling with yours in the comments below!

Dear 26,

7/17 | And for once I feel a year older! 26 will be the year of more action, believing, meditation, and support! I feel like year 25 I began to move up the stair case and understand the importance of physical and mental health, but most importantly cultivating and protecting the personal spiritual walk needed to persevere level after level. 25 was a beginning of a journey that God seems to want to only give me a glimpse of the bigger picture here and there but enough hope to to keep pushing the agenda he needs me to.

Excited to share that I will be running my first after school program for the upcoming school year working with 9th and 10th grade girls focusing on self worth, career/college readiness, and exposure to unique fields, training’s, and skills! Also, this year Brownskin BookWorms started which gave a few women in the DMV the opportunity to challenge ourselves to read more but God willingly has turned into a supportive sisterhood all around ! In essence, both are programs under Raise Your Worth, find more information by exploring through site and clicking under “programs”. I can say I am proud of myself and excited about what God has in store and all those I will be able to meet, connect with, learn from, and empower ! Check out our first piece of empowering apparel, the worthy tote!

What was once a thought has become an existing thing and dream! I’m grateful for the birthday wishes I have received. You all really motivate me and push me to never stop believing in myself (harder than we think sometimes right ).


As to year 26 make me wiser and impactful! #happybirthday To Me ☺️💛 #womanofwealth #raiseyourworth #thetiarafitsme

How Pain Can Inspire Your Purpose

I remember a college professor telling me I could never teach a class, and she actually feared “people like me” would be teaching her grandkids. She drafted this opinion based on my grammar in a few papers and a maybe a presentation or two! I had recently switched from Education major to Child and Family Living. Of course I was like dang, I know I’m not suppose to be teaching, I have other plans with this. Little did she know that this was a foundation for me. I needed and desire to understand people, how they learn, grow, develop and interact with family and society. I wasn’t preparing to teach a class then and I no longer desired to. But her comment and expression of fear she had on me and my efforts stung!

I didn’t get why I would remember that meeting so vividly over 4 years now. I didn’t get why I was so mad at her for being so simple and mean, and why did I care?? Why did I cry silently for the rest of that evening? Why did I allow my little self to feel pain and so much hurt from such an irrelevant person?

But days like today… years like this year… I get it! I needed to hear her ridiculous fear to get over any that I had! God wanted to use me beyond the classroom, into the community, and he has even allowed me to be a vessel in other countries! She was one reminder for me that I will never forget. Gods plan was a different, yet greater path for me.

To be quite honest, I don’t see exactly what he has for me but I feel I’m moving in the right direction. Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders! Take me deeper than my feet could ever wonder!

Happy Saturday beautiful souls! Be kind and great today!
Turn that negativity into positivity. Acknowledge your emotions and take care of yourself. You have God given gifts and talents that you have to utilize, regardless how others may try to diminish you and your abilities.



Living My Best Life

Festivals, Family, & Friends

Dear amazing friends who chose to pump me up this past month, y’all named this blog! From social media DMs, comments, to text messages and calls everyone has hilariously hit me with the EXACT same statement: “I see you out here living your best life”. Okay, at first I was like “really ?”, then it led to “girl I’m trying”, and most recently I decided to claim this blessing of time in my life “Yes, girl turning Ls to Lessons” or “Yes, Showing Out!” S/O to drake for the reminder to be humble but claim your grind and shine! To the main point… Coachella!!!

Coachella 2018

Coachella was everything anyone who enjoys music could have imagined plus more, with a slight headache. What do I mean? The pro’s definitely outweighed the cons but it was an overwhelming experience because of the huge crowds, and simply being unfamiliar with the huge festival! But I loved each performance I was able to see. Like life was given, and I loved that most people who come genuinely love music or a good time, or both!
My 5 day trip showed me a thing or two about myself. I am learning I am growing into a person who likes having things planned to the T or having things running exactly how I imagine they should. Which is strange because two years ago, and all my life, I feel I have been completely opposite. I have enjoyed not knowing and just going with the flow. I let things like the AirNB not being as close as I was told to bother me for one hour too long, I let the hour wait for the shuttle bus after watching Queen Bey almost break me and my body down, and I almost let the chucks I decided to wear the first day make me regret not packing a little more wiser!
That was a lot but in honesty I had to speak out loud to myself to re-adjust my mood and remind me how awesome this trip and experience still was despite the mini challenges! I had the chance to do a sisters trip with my sister! We have traveled together as a family but never just her and myself, so this was really cool! I thank God for the opportunity for us to create a memory such as this. My sister loves music too so every day once we stepped into the festival we were living! I mean one minute we’re enjoying sets from artists we have never heard of or listened to. The next minute we’re getting our entire life to the ones we love and adore! By the way she makes all the bomb treats you could ever imagine. Follow her Instagram Monet Designs to place your mother day orders today! Thank me later! IMG_9921
Running into my friend Tanisha from back home who is currently finishing her travel nurse assignment in California was so fun! I even had the chance to meet her fellow amazing squad of nurses from all over the states! Let me just say nurses know how to have fun, but can save us to! Get you a nurse friend! Check out her journey on her different assignments, experiences, and inspiring highlights of fellow women of color making successful moves on her blog Black Girls White Coats.


My good friend, and music junkie, Blaire joined us for the Coachella experience as well. We both agreed that we would do it again in a heart beat. The care free vibe, seeing artist give some of their best performances, and the excitement of surprise guest like 50 Cent (Blaire’s favorite), confirmed for us that Coachella is worth the money you spend. Blaire is a talented artist and has a unique way of expressing her creativity. Head over to her page DocumentMyDay to see her work, purchase the “I Glow Hard Package” while you’re at! It’s tax season, y’all got it!
IMG_9755Pictured at Broccoli City Festival

Considering Coachella

  • Save up or spend the money you have to go to Coachella if you have the desire to do so! Multiply 50 of the artist at Coachella by $20 , that’s $1000 dollars. So I think you are paying way less to see all these artists technically! Especially if you see Bey or other headliners who run you a good $200. Each artist puts a lot in their performance so you are truly getting your money worth.
  • Book your room as soon as you decide to go
  • Stay in Palms Desert, Cathedral City, any outskirt city that will more than likely have a shuttle or only takes a 25 min drive to Indio
  • Take a credit card! I avoid them by choice but if I would have brought one I could have saved so much on my rental! Lesson learned for me.
  • Eat outside the concert (surprisingly, eating out was very affordable in the outskirt cities)
  • Enjoy the concert food as well (there were some cool venues there that you just have to try)
  • Wear cute but very comfortable clothing. If I decide to go again I will be in comfortable supportive kicks or cushioned sandals like EVERYDAY. Spice your simple fits up with jewels, and your own twist!
  • Use the bandanna or face mask that you bring! Especially if you have asthma, allergies, or past bronchitis like me! I promise my chest was caving in my sleep one night!
  • Research Coachella owner, yeah I read some things about him and who he supports but I haven’t had the time to check the validity of it. I am definitely going to look into this more before giving him my coins again. Personal thing you may not care that much but just sharing.
  • Go with no expectations, leave with endless memories

Broccoli City Festival

I ended April attending another festival here in DC. This festival was founded and operated by African Americans. This year was its 6th year and I believe it continues to out do itself. Most of the headliners were also at Coachella but I finally had the chance to see H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar perform their duet together! That itself made my entire day, I also got to see Cardi in her last performance before she births her new born, and she gave us her all! But most importantly, it did not rain until close to the end! Any one who knows anything about this festival knows this is a huge blessing! I feel like every year, some how, some way, it RAINS at #BCfest!
BC Festival was a great time, black excellence and ratchetness mixing up a pot of culture that only my people know how to do! Try to make time next year to check this festival out. Very affordable (get the tickets before people start all that hustling resale – y’all need to stop) and an awesome time! Their apparel vendors and food trucks out did Coachella (quick plug for the culture)! I can’t wait to rock a sweet jersey piece from Paradyce – a company who taglines the beauty in “escaping the real world!


All in all I enjoyed my April. I have a feeling that I had a chance to live a little before this grind bites me! Any one notice the website switch up! 🙂 See ya girlll! Until next time ❤


Women’s History Month Recap

March was filled with some amazing Madness. There was no issue keeping busy! In honor of Women’s History Month I had the pleasure of developing, implementing, and co-facilitating a girls group at our school. I was also invited by Girls Inc. DC to speak to maya quote about timeyoung ladies in their spring break program about Self Esteem and Self Love on behalf of Raise Your Worth! I started Raise Your Worth in 2014 after talks with my father about both of our passions to empower the lives of the populations we were both passionate about, for me youth and women.


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Here are a few shots from my workshop at Girls Inc. I have place emphasis on how this group of young ladies amazed me with their dialogue throughout our activities and YOUnique Discussion! Their stories of past experience with self-esteem and their current struggles with reminding themselves to not care what others think allowed them all to have a safe space to realize that they were not in this phase of adolescence alone. Their ability to share how they have became resilient against words and thoughts of others was empowering. We ended the session with self-affirmations. I think it is safe to say we all loved many but they all wanted to take this one reminder home!

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