My name is Tiara Shelton. I am a social worker by trade and a creative by night! I love photography, traveling, and empowering black women. I love being at one with nature, taking hikes, and finding my calm during storms in my plants, aka my pets!

I am the founder of Raise Your Worth. Raise Your Worth allows me to inspire through my creations. Overall, it is my goal to make sure every woman of color knows her worth and has the resources to raise it! I feel black women are the bar raisers in America and we are the superheros of our culture!

Please browse through my blogs on life and traveling. While you are here feel free to shop with us or donate to our organization! If you are looking for photography services please check out my gallery here! Follow me today.

For all other inquires, speaking engagements or events email: tiara@raiseyourworth.org